Female Delusion Calculator

Use this female delusion calculator to find out , the percentage of men that meet your standards in the United States.Find out if you’re a dreamer or you’re in tune with reality.

Female Delusion Calculator

Female Delusion Calculator




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Dating and relationships in the present age can be very unrealistic and the concept of “standards” is often a hotly debated topic. While having preferences is perfectly normal, some individuals may set unrealistic expectations that border on delusion. This is why The Female Delusion Calculator – is here to shed light on the stark reality behind certain female standards and the likelihood of finding a suitable partner based on those criteria.

This calculator takes a no-holds-barred approach, it uses statistical data points to calculate the percentage of men in the United States who meet a specific set of standards. By allowing users to adjust factors such as age range, race, minimum height, minimum income, and the exclusion of obese individuals, the Delusion Calculator aims to provide a sobering dose of reality.

female delusion calculator

How Does It Work?

The Female Delusion Calculator is a web-based application that combines HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an interactive user interface. You can adjust sliders and tick/untick checkboxes to input your desired criteria. And upon clicking the “Find Out” button, the calculator performs a series of calculations based on the provided statistics.

The calculator takes into account various data points, including the average height of American men, the percentage of men above a certain height threshold, average income levels by age and ethnicity, and the distribution of income across the population. Additionally, it incorporates information on the prevalence of obesity among American men, allowing users to exclude those classified as obese from their desired pool of potential partners.

How Are the Calculations Derived?

The calculations employed by the Delusion Calculator are rooted in statistical data and probabilities. For instance, when considering height preferences, the calculator relies on the fact that only 14.5% of American men are above 6 feet tall. If a user sets their minimum height preference above this threshold, the calculator adjusts the eligible percentage accordingly.

Similarly, for income preferences, the calculator uses data on the distribution of income levels across the American population. If a user sets a minimum income requirement, the calculator determines the corresponding percentage of individuals who fall within that income bracket and adjusts the eligible percentage accordingly.

The calculation process also takes into account the interplay between various factors. For example, if a user specifies a specific age range and race, the calculator will factor in the average income levels for that particular demographic group to refine the eligible percentage further.

Where Are the Data Sources?

The Delusion Calculator draws its data from reputable sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its calculations. The height statistics are sourced from a Medium article that analyzed data on the average height of the American adult male. Income data is obtained from reliable sources such as MarketWatch and CapitalOne, which compile and analyze government and industry data.

Information on the prevalence of obesity among American men is derived from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Can This Be Used as a Standard?

While the Female delusion calculator provides a sobering reality check, it is essential to understand that it should not be treated as a definitive standard or rule book. Individual preferences and circumstances can vary greatly, and the calculator serves primarily as a tool to challenge preconceived notions and unrealistic expectations.

It is important to approach the results of this women delusion calculator with an open mind and a willingness to engage in self-reflection. The calculator’s primary purpose is to encourage individuals to reevaluate their standards and consider whether they align with reality, rather than to dictate what those standards should be.

FAQs About the FemaleDelusion Calculator

  1. Is the Delusion Calculator biased against women? No, the Delusion Calculator is not inherently biased against women. It is a fun tool designed to provide a reality check for anyone, regardless of gender, who may have unrealistic expectations or standards when it comes to finding a partner. The calculator’s purpose is to encourage self-reflection and a more grounded approach to one’s preferences.
  2. Can the Delusion Calculator be used for other demographics or regions? The current version of the Delusion Calculator is specifically tailored to the United States population. However, with appropriate data sources and adjustments, the calculator could potentially be adapted to other demographics or regions.
  3. What if I disagree with the data sources used in the Delusion Calculator? You’re free to disagree with this Female standards calculator. But, the Delusion Calculator relies on reputable data sources to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its calculations. However, if you have concerns about the validity of the data sources, you are encouraged to conduct your own research and provide alternative, credible sources for consideration.
  4. Can the Delusion Calculator account for personal preferences beyond the provided criteria? The Delusion Calculator is designed to address common criteria such as age, race, height, income, and obesity status. While it may not cover every possible personal preference, the calculator serves as a starting point for self-reflection and a broader discussion about realistic expectations in the dating and relationship landscape.
  5. Is the Delusion Calculator meant to be a definitive guide for finding a partner? No, the Delusion Calculator is not meant to be a definitive guide for finding a partner. Ultimately, finding a compatible partner involves a multitude of factors beyond the criteria addressed by the calculator.

The Delusion Calculator, or the “Female Reality Calculator” as some may call it, only serves as a reality check for those who may have unrealistic standards or expectations when it comes to finding a partner. By confronting users with statistical data and probabilities, the calculator encourages a more grounded and realistic approach to one’s preferences, without dictating what those preferences should be.

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