Fiverr Fee Calculator

Use the Fiverr fee calculator to determine the total fees you’ll pay as a buyer and how much you’ll earn as a seller offering Gigs on fiverr.

Fiverr Fee Calculator

Fiverr Fee Calculator

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How the Fiverr Fee Calculator Works

The fiverr fee calculator is pretty easy to use. If you're a buyer , simply input the price of the guy you want to buy and the calculator will work out the total fees you'll pay after adding up the service fee. The same process applies for a seller , and the calculator will work out how much you'll earn after fiverr's commissions

fiverr fee calculator

Fiverr is a well known website for linking buyers with experienced freelancers offering a wide range of activities. The fees levied on both buyers and sellers are important to the Fiverr experience and have a significant impact on the overall transaction on both the buyer and the seller. We'll take a closer look at Fiverr's charge calculation and how it affects the buyer and sellers' revenue.

Understanding Buyer Fees:

  • Fiverr charges buyers a service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the gig price.
  • The standard service fee rate is set at 5.5% of the gig price. This fee is added to the gig price to determine the total amount paid by the buyer.
  • For purchases under $75, an additional small order fee of $2.50 is applied on top of the standard service fee.

How the service fee works for the Buyer

  • When a buyer selects a gig and proceeds to checkout, Fiverr automatically calculates the service fee based on the gig price.
  • If the gig price is below $75, the small order fee is added to the total amount paid by the buyer.
  • This transparent fee structure ensures that buyers are aware of the total cost upfront, facilitating informed decision-making.

Illustrative Example:

  • Suppose a buyer selects a gig with a price of $50. In this scenario:
    • The standard service fee would be $50 * 5.5% = $2.75.
    • Since the gig price is below $75, the total buyer fee would be $2.75 + $2.50 = $5.25.
    • The buyer would pay a total of $50 (gig price) + $5.25 (buyer fee) = $55.25 for the gig.

Understanding Fiverr's commission for sellers

While buyer fees contribute to Fiverr's revenue stream, sellers also face fees that impact their earnings.Fiverr charges sellers a commission of 20% of the gig price for each completed transaction. This commission is deducted from the total payment received by the seller, thereby affecting their net earnings from the gig.

Calculating Seller Earnings:

  • To determine their earnings from a gig, sellers can utilize a simple calculation:
    • Seller Earnings = Gig Price - Fiverr Commission
    • This formula allows sellers to estimate their net earnings after accounting for Fiverr's commission.

Strategic Considerations for Sellers:

  • Sellers should factor in Fiverr's commission when setting gig prices to ensure they receive the desired compensation for their services.
  • It's important for sellers to strike a balance between competitive pricing and maximizing their earnings, taking into account the value they provide and the market demand for their services.

    Why does Fiverr charge a service fee?

    Fiverr, like many online marketplaces, charges a service fee to cover the costs associated with maintaining the platform, providing customer support, and ensuring a safe and secure environment for both buyers and sellers. However, beyond simply covering operational expenses, Fiverr's service fee serves as a mechanism to provide added value and protection to buyers, making it a screaming deal for the buyer.

    Buyer Protection:

    One of the primary reasons Fiverr charges a service fee is to provide buyer protection. This protection comes in various forms:

    Refund Assurance: Fiverr offers buyers the assurance of a refund if the seller under-delivers or fails to meet the agreed-upon requirements. This safeguard provides peace of mind to buyers, knowing that they can request a refund in case of unsatisfactory service.

    Dispute Resolution: Fiverr facilitates dispute resolution between buyers and sellers, ensuring fair outcomes in cases of disagreements or conflicts. This mechanism helps to resolve issues promptly and fairly, further enhancing buyer confidence.

    Dependency on Reviews:

    • Fiverr's service fee also incentivizes sellers to prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver high-quality work. This is because sellers are heavily dependent on positive reviews to attract more clients and build their reputation on the platform.
    • Positive reviews serve as a form of social proof, signaling to potential buyers that the seller is trustworthy and capable of delivering excellent service. As such, sellers are motivated to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, knowing that their success on Fiverr hinges on positive feedback from buyers.

    Value Proposition for Buyers:

    • Despite the service fee, Fiverr offers buyers a screaming deal by providing unparalleled buyer protection and quality assurance.
    • The assurance of refunds and the seller's reliance on positive reviews give buyers confidence in their transactions, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction or fraudulent activities.
    • Additionally, Fiverr's service fee contributes to maintaining a vibrant and trustworthy marketplace, where buyers can confidently engage with sellers from around the world, knowing that their interests are safeguarded.

      In essence, Fiverr's service fee is not merely a transactional cost but a value-driven investment that ensures buyer satisfaction, trust, and peace of mind. By charging this fee, Fiverr delivers a compelling value proposition to buyers, making it a preferred destination for sourcing freelance services.

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