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Use the UK stripe fee calculator to find out how much you will pay in stripe fees, amount you’ll will receive (in pounds) and the right amount you should ask.

UK Stripe Fee Calculator


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UK stripe fee calculator


UK Stripe Fee Calculator

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur operating in the United Kingdom and accepting payments through Stripe, you’ll want to ensure you’re accurately calculating the fees associated with each transaction. Stripe’s pricing structure for UK-based merchants involves a flat fee of £0.20 plus a percentage of the transaction amount. To simplify this calculation, we’ve created a handy UK Stripe Fee Calculator.

How the Calculator Works

Our UK Stripe Fee Calculator is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. All you need to do is enter the transaction amount, and the calculator will instantly provide you with three essential figures:

  1. Stripe Fee: This is the total fee that Stripe will deduct from the transaction amount, calculated as (Transaction Amount * 0.015) + £0.20.
  2. Amount Received: This is the net amount you’ll receive after Stripe’s fees have been deducted from the transaction amount.
  3. Amount to Ask: This is the total amount you should request from your customer to cover the transaction amount and Stripe’s fees.

By having all three figures readily available, you can ensure accurate invoicing, proper accounting, and transparent communication with your customers regarding any additional fees they may need to cover.


Is the UK Stripe Fee Calculator accurate? Absolutely! Our calculator adheres strictly to Stripe’s published pricing structure for UK-based merchants, ensuring that the calculations are precise and up-to-date.

Is it safe to use the calculator? Yes, the UK Stripe Fee Calculator is completely safe to use. It does not require any sensitive information from you or your customers, and it operates entirely within your web browser, without transmitting or storing any data.

Can I use the calculator for other currencies or regions? This particular calculator is tailored specifically for UK-based Stripe transactions in British Pounds (GBP), You can use the other stripe fee calculator if you operate your business within the US or other regions that use the US Dollar.

Will the calculator always reflect Stripe’s latest pricing? We make every effort to ensure that the calculator is updated regularly to reflect any changes in Stripe’s pricing structure for UK merchants. However, we recommend periodically checking Stripe’s website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Can I integrate the calculator into my website or application? Certainly! We welcome inquiries from businesses and developers interested in integrating our UK Stripe Fee Calculator into their websites or applications. Please contact us for more information on licensing and integration options.

UK Stripe Fees Table

Transaction Amount Stripe Fee Amount Received Amount to Ask
£100 £1.70 £98.30 £101.70
£150 £2.45 £147.55 £152.45
£200 £3.20 £196.80 £203.20
£250 £3.95 £246.05 £253.95
£300 £4.70 £295.30 £304.70
£350 £5.45 £344.55 £355.45
£400 £6.20 £393.80 £406.20
£450 £6.95 £443.05 £456.95
£500 £7.70 £492.30 £507.70
£550 £8.45 £541.55 £558.45
£600 £9.20 £590.80 £609.20
£650 £9.95 £640.05 £659.95
£700 £10.70 £689.30 £710.70
£750 £11.45 £738.55 £761.45
£800 £12.20 £787.80 £812.20
£850 £12.95 £837.05 £862.95
£900 £13.70 £886.30 £913.70
£950 £14.45 £935.55 £964.45
£1,000 £15.20 £984.80 £1,015.20

This table provides a comprehensive overview of Stripe fees, the amount you’ll receive, and the amount you should request from your customers for various transaction amounts, ranging from £100 to £1,000. Use this information to ensure accurate invoicing, accounting, and transparent communication with your customers regarding Stripe’s fees.

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