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Fast Cat isn’t your typical feline sport. For those who may not know, Fast CAT® isn’t about cats, Fast Cat is actually designed for dogs! It’s a lure coursing sport where dogs chase a mechanically operated lure, satisfying their natural prey drive in a controlled environment.

To save you the stress of calculating your points, the Fast cat points calculator is here to help you evaluate your canine athlete’s performance.

Fast cat points calculator

How the Fast Cat Points Calculator Works

The fast cat points calculator simplifies the process of determining your dog’s Fast CAT®  points. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Run Time: Enter the time (in seconds) your dog took to complete the course.
  2. Cat Size: Select the radio button corresponding to your dog’s size category: Under 12 inches, 12 inches – Under 18 inches, or 18 inches and Over. Each category has a specific handicap that factors into the final score.
  3. Calculate: Click this button to process the information.

The calculator then performs the following calculations:

  • MPH (Miles Per Hour): It uses the formula MPH = 204.545 / Run Time.
  • Points: It multiplies the MPH by the handicap associated with your dog’s size category (2 for Under 12″, 1.5 for 12″ – Under 18″, and 1 for 18″ and Over).

The final result displayed shows your dog’s speed in MPH and their earned Fast Cat points.

How are the titles awarded?

Titles are awarded when your dog crosses a points treshold. Below is the number of points required for each title

BCAT = 150 points
DCAT = 500 Points
FCAT = 1,000 points ,Multiple = every 500 points
(FCAT2 = 1,500 points, FCAT3 = 2,000 points, etc)

Fast Cat Points Calculator FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the calculator:

  1. Is this calculator for cats? While the name might be a playful twist, this calculator is specifically designed for Fast Cat competitions involving dogs.
  2. What are Fast Cat points used for? Points earned through Fast Cat events contribute to a dog’s overall ranking and championship titles.
  3. Can I use this calculator for other lure coursing events? The core formula (MPH = 204.545 / Run Time) might be applicable, but handicap values can vary depending on the specific event rules.
  4. What if my dog’s size falls between categories? For the most accurate results, choose the category closest to your dog’s height at the shoulder.
  5. Where can I find more information about Fast Cat events? Check with kennel clubs or dog sports organizations in your area for upcoming competitions and detailed rules.

Is Fast Cat Safe for Dogs?

Fast Cat, when conducted following proper safety protocols, is a generally safe activity for most healthy dogs. Veterinarian clearance before participating is always recommended, especially for senior dogs or those with pre-existing health conditions.

Akc fast cat ranking for malinois

Here is the 2024 akc fast cat ranking for the top 20 fastest Belgian malinois

RankDog NameSexMPH
1Miss Maze Cooper CAA DCAT ACT1JBitch30.74   
2Elvira CAA FCAT DS CGC TKI FITBBitch30.11   
3Blackout’S Belgian Has Nine Lives DCAT CGCBitch30.10   
4Tbears Peace Keeper RI DCAT CGCBitch29.97   
6Stahlrosenhofs Belgian Beauty CA DCATBitch29.83   
7Wild Piper Rose De Magnolia CA DCAT DMBitch29.66   
8CH Darkhorse Sunshine & Whiskey RE FDC CA FCAT2 SCN SIN CGCA CGCU TKN ATTBitch29.38   
9Defend’s Rosco BCAT DS TKA ATT VHMA FITB FTIDog29.26   
10Outlaw’s Karma Bites Back BCATBitch29.25   
11Ricoche Des Quatre Griffes Noires DCAT RATNDog29.24   
11Rumble De Alphaville Bohemia CAA FCAT CGCA CGCU TKA ATT VHMADog29.24   
12Hickory Ridge Leather N Lace Jesi BCAT RATN DM CGC FITSBitch29.20   
13Stonefox Reine Du Chevalier CD RA DCAT CGC TKPBitch29.19   
14Kira Migas CAA FCAT15 CGCA CGCU TKN ATT FTIBitch29.18   
14Lonestar’s Strider BCATDog29.18   
15Silverthorn 2 Boldly Go Where No Floof Has Gone B4 FDC AX AXJ XF BCAT ACT1 ACT1J CGC FTNBitch29.09   
16Ex-Fbi Krypto Nite L.E.O. DCAT DJDog29.02   
17Iron Will’s Disorderly Conduct At Laurel Trails CAA FCATBitch29.00   
18Maui Van Shoptaw Huis CA BCAT CGC TKN ATT FTIBitch28.83   
18Maya Dell Run FCAT RATS DJ CGCA CGCU TKN ATT FTNBitch28.83   
18Yuletide ValorDog28.83   
19Railroad’S Obnoxious 2Nd Chance “Knox” FCAT3Dog28.78   
20GCH CH Concho’s Codigo CD BN RE BCAT CGCABitch28.76 

So, unleash the champion within your canine companion! Use the Fast Cat Points Calculator to track their progress and celebrate their victories on the lure coursing track.

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